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Basic web design and SEO guide for start up businesses

Pre Planning for Web Design and SEO for Start Up Businesses  

Search engine optimisation is not a rocket science. But if you are looking to implement a true great seo strategy then you got to master the art of professional ground breaking strategies. You got to think out of the box and you need to come-up with a well thought and creative master plan.

Business Name

Think of a business name that is user friendly, easy to remember but you are also able to build your brand around it. Perform a search for domains available and go for a domain that matches your business name


Register a domain with a trusted domain registrar. Buy a domain with your country domain extension e.g .co.uk – if you are however interested in promoting your brand worldwide, then you should always go for .com domain

Social Media

Before registering your domain name, you should ensure that you may be able to register your social media accounts with your exact business name e.g  facebook.com/webseo.company and so forth. This will make future social media optimisation, advertising and marketing a lot easier. Try to get all social media accounts with the same username, if you are hard to get them, change your business name from the beginning, domain accordingly and find and get a domain which represents you, your business and your social media usernames

Web Hosting

You should always host your domain on servers which are located in your served territory, for example if you sell your products or services in the UK, then your website should be hosted in the UK. Speak to web hosting providers and ask if they have servers in there. If you do not target USA, do not host your website in Americas.


SSL might cost you a bit more money but it represents trust. From SEO point of view, it is always recommended to go for an SSL. At least my personal suggestion backups having an SSL on your website

Web Designers

Now it is perfect time for you to think of hiring a website designer. As a personal recommendation i will always recommend finding a website designer which knows SEO and Online Marketing and Advertising well and which may design and develop a great logo, website template, buttons, headers, a great footer and impressive landing pages. Personally I always recommend going for a professional web design company that specialises in search engine optimisation, organic and paid search marketing, this helps your website get done better than a freelance web designer. No matter who you hire, you should ask them to create and design your social media pages too.

Web Developer

If your website designer is not a coder then of course you should lookout for a website developer which knows his/her stuff, is aware with creativeness and responsiveness and has great customer service skills. You should prepare a brief of your website and explain everything in best way possible so he/she could do his job right – that too first time. A web developer which knows seo, mobile responsiveness, html, css and good clean coding should be able to build you a user and search friendly website, implement all the seo aspects and complete a website that works. Using an SEO Company for building your website is the most recommended approach.


Once your domain registration, web hosting, ssl, web design and development is completed, you should analyse your website for possible errors in seo aspects, design, development, website safety and so forth, if there’s an issue, you should get it resolved.

Website Content

You should hire a professional content writer who’s expert in writing useful, creative, interesting and engaging content with eye to detail for keywords weight and density and explaining the products and or services features in extremely simple yet creative manner.


You should get in touch with a branding agency specialising in products or services branding area. You should look for a branding company who’s good to work with and pay attention to detail. Understand what market you want to target and provide you with exemplary work that helps you build your brand awareness, educate and sell.

Social Media Optimisation

Your next stage should be to implement and analyse your social media usernames, images, banners, icons and texts and if this is all good to go, you should look out for a social media advertising and social media optimisation company

On Page SEO

One of the very critical and most important aspects of today’s business growth via your website is on page seo, you should look out for a professional sep expert specialising in on page seo in order to improve your on-page seo score, fix issues if any and get your business website ready for future.

Complete website, design, development, on-page, content, social media and digital marketing analysis by a true SEO Specialist

Before you go any further, it is important that you hire an SEO Expert that has years of knowledge in website promotion, advertising, marketing and social media. If any issues are found, they are fixed there and then so your website is completely ready for your business growth.

HTML Sitemap

Make sure your website does have an HTML sitemap for customers, visitors and search bots.

XML Sitemap

You should ensure your website does have an XML sitemap for crawlers and bots of search engines as well as leading data collection and promotion search bots.

Opening and Closing Times

Make sure your website clearly lists your business opening and closing times. As failure to do this will mean people being annoyed and going to your competitors

Phonic and Email Action Buttons

Your website should have clear and precise contact us buttons or action buttons in general e.g. a phone number customer could easily dial or contact you via email. You should ensure that your email linked to the feedback form is correct and is receiving emails

Keyword Research and Market Analysis

It is very important that you carry out a keyword research against your products or services and analyse your market e.g. age range, customers type, places of interest where you want your business succeed more than others, gender type, etc.

Off Page SEO

Now is the time to move on to your off-page seo strategy and prepare for either organic seo or paid search marketing, similarly adopting organic social media optimisation or paid social media marketing. It is in your best interest to ensure you go for a full service design, development, content and digital marketing agency for you to hit the market strong and be there on time!

Create Impressive Content to Obtain High Quality Back links

If you hire a digital marketing agency for your online business growth they should create great content and be able to obtain high quality links. It is going to be extremely useful in order to improve your organic seo profile on the web and rank on your most suitable keywords in order to generate visitors to your website and possibly convert them.

Conversion Research

If you go for an honest seo agency, they should track, measure and monitor your conversion analysis and carry out relevant tweaks needed in order to improve your customer experience on your website and give them every reason to contact you or make a purchase

Ongoing link building and seo maintenance

If you want your business website to remain visible online; You have got to maintain its search engine rankings also known as search engine positions by utilising good content marketing strategy. Earning backlinks from authority websites and blogs on the web and keeping up to date with seo changes by each and every search engine. If you hire a digital marketing company they are likely to inform you about any changes in algorithms and keep your website up to date

Should you like your web design and development strategy or even advice on good content, link building and SEO then get in touch with us today and we will be most pleased to help.

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