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Global SEO Strategy – 8 Definite Ways To Rank On Google On Budget

How To Plan Your SEO Budget?

We live in a digitally advanced era where every minute is yet another opportunity for competing businesses to get ahead of each other with their sales and ROI. Speaking of effective marketing tools, today, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most popular digital marketing strategies that ensure your small or big business’s website presence in search results to generate more traffic, conversion, and ultimately ROI.

Ever thought of getting your website optimised as a small business? Maybe you are on a limited SEO budget, yet you have to compete with the big businesses. Fret not! Building an effective SEO strategy on a limited budget can be difficult, but it is not impossible.

In this blog post, you will learn some top-notch ways to structure, prioritise, and implement SEO campaigns that can guarantee you lucrative results even with a small SEO Budget.

SEO on a Limited Budget

When deciding upon an SEO budget, most businesses out there face the typical issue of not knowing where exactly to begin. What aspects to consider? Where to conduct your research? The finances? It’s highly suggested to hire the professional services of a Skilled SEO Agency that provides you with experienced SEO analysts who come up with budget friendly SEO plans to help you save in the long run.

Many people consider that SEO takes six months to a year of investment to start generating ROI, unlike paid ads. But if you do it right, the cumulative money you spend on getting page one rankings will continue to generate ROI for as long as you can remain there.

By comparison, ROI ceases as soon as you turn off investments in paid advertising. Start evaluating what you have at your disposal. Skim through the data on the internet, skills, and free SEO tools that you can use. It will assist you in defining what to prioritise.

8 Ways to Build on a Budget-Friendly SEO Strategy

1.       Analyse Your Strengths

You need to understand your business’s current online position and where it ranks in the search engine. Look into the types of SEO tools that other businesses in your industry may be using. To have clarity about your budget, you need to see your existing resources realistically.

2.       Keyword Strategy

Regardless of what terms you choose to target, the competition will be tough for desired top-of-page-one placement, especially for large, high-volume terms. Targeting long-tail alternatives could, therefore, be a much better choice.

Typically, long-tail keywords are three words or more in length and are very descriptive. While the average monthly search volume is often small, so is the competition as well. These keywords are also higher in quality, which can contribute to better conversion rates.In the example below, you can observe the varying Google results that indicate competition between two terms.

3.       Local SEO

Google My Business (GMB), a free platform designed to help business owners navigate their online presence, is at the core of local SEO. This method helps optimise the online presence of your organisation for local searches. According to a report, around 46% of all Google Searchers are looking for local content. It poses a major opportunity for companies seeking to attract high quality website visits resulting in visitor education, brand awareness and finally conversion.

Moreover, GMB listing can also put your business on Google map. Have a look at the local Google map results for the term searched ‘Bakery Shop London’.

4.       Technical SEO

Technical SEO is one of the most common methods to boost organic rankings and optimise a website to meet current search engines’ technical criteria. Crawling, indexing, rendering, and the website design are significant elements of Technological SEO.

5.       SEO Content Writing

SEO analyst encourages generating more traffic on your website through search engine optimised keywords in blogs and articles. You can create blogs on different topics and publish them on your website to drive your website’s heavy traffic. Not only this, but also your metadata should be relevant and great that convince your readers to hit a click on your link.

6.       Mobile-Friendly Webpage

Not to mention, almost 50.81% of the global web traffic is generated by mobile accounts. In order to meet this trend, Google keeps on changing its algorithm in the search method. It is, therefore, advised to optimise the website by making it mobile-friendly to ensure better ranking on Google SERPs.

7.       Fix Errors in Search Console

In any digital marketing plan, an SEO audit of your website is crucial. It helps check broken pages, bugs, glitches, slow page load time, and other errors. Google console is one of the platforms that offer you cost-free sign-ups to analyse your website. See the figure below that highlights the errors on the website.

8.       Look for Competitors’ Websites

Using reverse engineering to follow what worked for your competitors is another budget-friendly tip for creating your SEO on a small budget. See for yourself what worked for others and try it. Spend a little time and study them on your rivals’ website; see how the data is presented, look for bugs, and make comparisons. Site Explorer is the website that can help you check your site report easily and find out issues in your site and your competitors.

Have a look at this screenshot depicting the ranking of HubSpot’s site.


All in all, it is important to note that big bucks are not the only winning ingredient not anymore. And therefore, you need to keep on bringing innovation and creativity to your strategies. When planning SEO marketing on a tight budget, keep in mind the ways mentioned above and prioritise your efforts and budget to ensure a better return on investment.

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