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SEO Company in Pakistan – Pros and Cons

Should you hire an SEO Company in Pakistan?

A general review of Pakistan SEO and Web Design Market in Pakistan

Unlike 20 years ago, SEO is now everywhere, even in Pakistan. Since social age started, a need of digital marketing for every business is now a “must”. This is not only in Western World but also in most countries around the world including in Pakistan.

We were the first SEO Company in Pakistan with our headquarter based in London, UK to introduce SEO back in 2001. We offered international clients with the correct outsourcing facilities, built trust and remained one of the major player in SEO in Pakistan. Today, 20 years after, we still stand firm with our back offices now in India, Poland, Romania, Philippines and in Brazil.

Especially with lots of businesses now understanding that there is a huge potential in saving money and promoting their business around the world using Search Engine Optimization, SEO is one of the most booming industry in Pakistan, along-with Web Design, Digital Marketing, Branding and range of other IT Services including IT Security.

If you just perform a basic search “SEO Pakistan” on google.com.pk (Google’s domain dedicated for Pakistani Market). You will realise there are hundreds of thousands of Freelance SEO and SEO Companies in Pakistan competing with each other.

Another search for Web Design Pakistan brings another tens of thousands of results.

So how you decide which SEO and Web Design Company in Pakistan is the right fit for your business?

Before hiring a web designer or SEO in Pakistan, You must verify their below details: This is Really A Must!

– A Ltd or Private Limited Company registered.
– NTN or National Tax Number
– Chamber of Commerce Membership
– Business Bank Account registered on the name of their company
– Office Address and Postcode along with City Information
– A landline phone number
– Closely lookout for time this company has been registered.
– Ask and Verify their current customers along-with their website address and phone number
– Ask for a link building report sample
– Verify their link building and content writing strategies
– Do they have an in-house web designer and web developer to fix any seo aspects on your website?
– Ask if they are willing to provide their tax return (especially if they been long established)

You are very likely to identify any irregularities if they are not a genuine Web Design or SEO Firm.

However if they are legally trading, then they should negotiate and have conversation with you than being defensive.

Let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages

List of advantages:

Web Design and SEO in Pakistan is a lot cheaper than in Australia, Canada, USA, UK or Europe

Country is well connected with most regions including UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Europe. So having a chat should not really be an issue should you like to talk with your SEO Experts or Web Designers in Pakistan.

Young Talent:
A lot of website design and SEO Companies in Pakistan are being run by young businessmen and women.

English, Urdu, Punjabi, and range of other languages are widely spoken in Pakistan. A lot of foreign born Pakistani’s are also running IT, Web Design and SEO Businesses in Pakistan. So it is very likely they have done work before for a customer from your location.

Experienced SEO and Web Design Companies:
There is hundreds of well respected, reputed and trusted Web Design and SEO Companies in Pakistan. However, you really need to work hard to find the right fit for your business.

Disadvantages of Hiring an SEO Company in Pakistan?

Outdated SEO Strategies
Unfortunately, In Pakistan a lot of SEO Companies are still stuck with outdated SEO Strategies including keyword stuffing, spam link building, using copied content and so on.

Trademark Issues:
Not a lot of web design and SEO Companies in Pakistan will care about Trademark, Copyright and IP and Patent Issues. Hence you should have a clear dialogue about it.

Fraud Businesses:
You could easily become a victim of Fraud SEO’s and Web Design Companies especially if you have not verified their business before passing on the project.

Issues with Electricity
There are a lot of problems in Pakistan because of shortage of Electricity and Gas and this does affect your work if your SEO or Web Design Company are unable to go online.

I can literally go on. You can save a lot of money by outsourcing your link building, web design and SEO to Pakistan however, you need to find the right fit for your needs.

Should you like to discuss your web design, development and SEO project, why not visit your local seo company

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