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UI, UX and SEO Friendly Web Designing, What Is It?

All you need to know about UI, UX and SEO Friendly Web Designing

Most people don’t know the connection between UI/UX and SEO Friendly Web Design, and they think the only way to get a successful website is to do link building and keywords optimisation. Well, it is, but other aspects are equally important. You cannot just rank website on search engines just with a good website design and search engine optimisation. Content, Link Building, Social Media Marketing and Range Of Other Aspects Are Equally Important.

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Web designing is an entire process that aims for a better customer experience. Together UI/UX and SEO can do wonders for a business! Especially, when implemented in order for your users “Search Intent” in mind.

With the growing competition on the web and larger companies massively investing into search engine optimisation and social media marketing, you need to make sure that you attract people with some good UI/UX and SEO friendly web design. But equally with good quality seo marketing and social media optimisation.

How UI, UX and SEO work Together for Your Web Design?

To make your web design appealing to the users/customers, UI, UX and SEO, should work together. Here is how SEO, UI and UX are connected together strategically:

Google is constantly improving its user experience over the past few years. The reason is to offer the searchers trustworthy, high quality and relevant results to their queries. Also, every year Google search engine introduced several changes to the SERPs and introduced strict algorithm updates.

Seo is great for improving user experience, but what UI and UX for? UI/UX is all about making users happy. When a user lands on your website, UI and UX find the user answer quickly, boost your brand awareness, and show professionalism.  To make a strong impact on the users,  your brand must use UI, UX and SEO to create an effective web design.

UI, UX, SEO Friendly Web Design

What is UI/UX Web Design and SEO Friendly Web Design?

UI / UX Web Design

UI design means User Interface Design, whereas UX design stands for User Experience Design. They both work together and are a crucial part of a good web design. UX design is responsible for the user’s interactions with the product or service. It considers all components that shape a user’s experience, including how easy it is for them to accomplish the tasks they are there for. UI Design takes care of the presentation elements of a website and how it looks to the audience.

The main difference between UI and UX design is that UI is all about developing aesthetically-pleasing and interactive interfaces. In contrast, UX design is responsible for identifying and solving user problems.


SEO in Web Design ensures that the website gets more traffic, and it covers everything from the coding of your website to its content. It is your key to rank higher in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), so it is best to optimise your websites accordingly to increase their success. Usually hiring a professional seo company to do your web design is a much better idea as it decreases the time and effort you need to make as they know it all.

Following branches of SEO must be covered to make the best SEO website design:

●      Local SEO

It is a branch of SEO that optimises a website to rank higher on local search results. It follows a focused and localised approach in the content, link building and on-page optimisations of a website.

●      Technical SEO

Technical SEO improves the technical features of a website to increase the pages ranking on the search engine. It makes your website faster, easier to scroll, and understandable for the search engines for technical optimization.

●      International SEO

International SEO lets you conquer the world if done correctly. It is the process of creating a website in such a way that the search engines will know which countries you’re trying to target and which languages are used for your business.

●      Multilingual SEO

This type of SEO offers content optimization for different languages or different locations. Let’s understand this simple concept by example. Suppose, you own an amazon affiliated website in Germany and you want to increase sales there. So, to enhance your sales, you translated your content into both English and German. This way, you are getting the desired traffic from your target audience, and your site is using multilingual SEO.

Depending on the business type and requirements, these four SEO branches are integrated into your web design to make it fully indexable and accessible by search engines.

Google Search Console

Another great tool that helps in a good web design is Google Search Console. It is a free platform that lets you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your website’s presence in search engine results. It would be best if you learn how to use Google Search console. It includes viewing your highest-traffic pages and queries, viewing your domains, rich search results, and much more.

Tips for building User and Search-Friendly Website

Now that you know all the integral elements of a user and search friendly website, here are some things that you must consider while building a website.

  • Utilise UX Design to SEO-friendly Layouts to eliminate the chances of disrupting SEO while maintaining the aesthetics of your website
  • Keep your site’s navigation simplified and debunk previous SEO practices of making tight-knit keyword groupings. Come up with a simple website architecture that balances the site’s goals and the user’s desires.
  • Add images and videos wherever possible as it is engaging for users and can be optimised for SEO.
  • Reduce your page loading time so that your users don’t run away from your website
  • Another trick to keep your users on your website is to use call-to-actions liberally. Something as simple as the “Learn more” button link will let your users explore different pages on your website
  • Do thorough market research before integrating international SEO into your web design, and it would be best to let experts do their thing, i.e., digital marketing companies.
  • Ensure that your web design is mobile responsive. It is mandatory for both SEO and usability as 50% of the traffic is generated from mobile search.

Ending Thoughts…

UI/UX and SEO go hand in hand, and together, they make a perfect opportunity for a company to get the web presence that it needs. Although each aspect has its own techniques and approaches, they have a shared goal of building a good website design. Having a great website could easily help gain customer trust, build a brand and increase the chances of higher conversions.

If you are struggling to get traffic on your website and want to make an impactful impression on your users, You can look online for a professional website design company that builds all inclusive UI, UX and SEO Friendly Websites.


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There are a lot of professional web designers specialising in UI, UX and SEO creating successful web designs for customers. However you need to find a local website designer which have done it all and could do it for you!

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