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15 Easy Yet Highly Recommended SEO Fixes To Your Website

15 Easy Yet Highly Recommended SEO Fixes To Your Website

Do you have personal or business website that represents the services, consulting or products you sell to your customers? You do not really need a lots of website knowledge in order to perform those fixes

This is seriously important to do a quick Website SEO Analysis for you to figure our the most critical issues and work out your way to get them all fixed or do it yourself.

If you are hard to do these below changes, you are better of contacting a SEO Company in order for them to carry out a deep seo analysis and repair all of the SEO Issues on your website. A lot of SEO Experts do not charge for the analysis so you are very likely to get a clear picture with what is actually wrong with the website. There are plenty of SEO Consultants which may help you with how to do it yourself, so you can always get one of them on a phone for a small cost. SEO Specialists are likely to charge slightly more. A personal recommendation however is to find a quality seo service near you and ask a total cost to fix all the SEO problems on your website.

1). Why is my website not on Google?

SEO Solution:  This is possibly because you have not submitted your website on to Google and it has been not crawled and indexed yet. Go on Google and Search for “How To Submit Your Website To Google”. That’s the first thing you can do in order to inform Google that your website actually exists. Once it is crawled, it will start showing up on Google.

2). Why Google Is Crawling My Home Page and Not The Rest Of The Pages?

SEO Solution: It is very likely there is no Xml sitemap on your website. It is important to have an XML sitemap on your website and submit it to Google. This allows Google Bot to Easily Crawl and Index Your Pages. Search online for “How to create an xml sitemap”. Once your sitemap e.g sitemap.xml has been created, submit it to Google via Google Webmaster Tools, Google May take from a day to several weeks in order to crawl and index your pages.

Note: As per Google New Policy, Google is now showing up pages with copied content. So make sure your content and images, videos, audios and banners and so forth are not copied from elsewhere.

3). How to remove unwanted pages from Google?

SEO Solution: If Google has indexed pages and are printed on Google that you do not want to show to public, then the easiest fix is to create a “robots.txt” file. You may add “No Index” tag to pages you do not want to show on Google.

4). How to rank my website on Google?

SEO Solution: This is probably the most asked question on search engines, Google being on top. You should carryout a website edit and perform an SEO Analysis. You can also go on Google and search for “Google Keyword Suggestion Tool”. If it is your first time to SEO, it is always recommend to go for long-tail keywords which are a lot easier to rank than the competitive ones. Once you have documented your chosen keywords. Then you should right user and search friendly content around your keywords in order to market and your product or services to your customers. Make sure, you got to be honest with your audience, you need to tell them why you are better than your competitors. Draw pictures, include charts, bullet-points and so forth. Keep your target audience in mind and think what you will write in there, that is true but also will end selling your product.

a). Publish your content on specific pages

b). Edit your title tags and put your important keywords in there

c). Edit your meta tag and make sure you include your search terms in there. Keep it short, precise and descriptive.

d). Include page headings. If you do not know what page headings are, search online for “What Are H1 to H6 Headings”.

e). Make sure your content is published in a correct manner and there are no grammar and punctuation mistakes. Just be yourself


5). I have great content and keywords but I am still not ranking on Google?


SEO Solution: It is very likely that even though you have all the keywords in your content, page titles, meta description, H1 to H6 Headings, Alt Tags, Anchor Texts and so on, your keywords are not performing well because of “Search Intent”. Review your content once again and make necessary amends.


6). Work Your Way to Images SEO


SEO Solution: If your website pages have images. It is important that you save those keywords as your keywords before publishing. Give your page an ALT tag by choosing your keywords as per your images description.


7). Do I have great website internal linking structure?


SEO Solution: If your pages internal linking structure is not great, it is likely it is going to affect your visitors and hence Google bot will not consider that page credible. It is important to have a great linking structure that helps your website visitors to move from one page to another. If you do not know what should be your website internal linking structure, simply just perform this search online


8). Is My Website Secure?


SEO Solution: Now it is very important to have a safe website which offers your customers al the only safety when they visit your website. Hence it is very important for you to check whether or not you have an SSL (Security Socket Layer). If you do not have SSL on your website currently, then you should get in touch with your hosting company and get an SSL on your website


9). How to improve my website speed?


SEO Solution: If your website overall speed is not great, it is not going to be considered a credible website, as it is wasting searchers or your website visitors time. It is important for you to improve your website page speed. You can do that by writing clean html to good css, resize images and so on. Go online and search for how to improve my website page speed.


10). How to fix my broken links?


SEO Solution: If your website has broken links, then you should fix them. It is easy enough. And if you cannot do that then you should have a redirect in place also known as “404 Redirect”. Simply go online and search for how to create 404 redirect on my website


11). Opening and Closing Times Of Your Business?


SEO Solution: If your website do not elaborate on your business opening and closing times on your website it is considered as an unserious business. You should clearly display your opening and closing hours.


12). Create Website Actions


SEO Solution: Your website should give clear indication to your users with how they can place an item online or reach you via phone or email. So this is important than ever before that you clearly and precisely provide customers with step by step information.


13). I have done a lot of SEO and all the above but I am still not ranking?


SEO Solution: If you have been doing a lot of seo both onsite and offsite, then probably you have duplicate content. You should remove duplicate content by adding a nice content copy to your website. Write yourself, you are the right person to explain your product or service better than others. Of course if you cannot do it yourself, get a content writing company to do it for you.


14). Why are my website URLs so messy? E.g. Index.php?p=157483


SEO Solution: Probably your website was built a long time ago and URLs were not re-written. This is the right time for you to invest a bit of your time on your website and get the URLs re-written. Say for example you sell laptops, the best example for your URLs will be /laptops-on-sale/ instead of above example.


15). Substandard Mobile Experience as well as Browser Compatibility Issues


SEO Solution: If your website do not load properly on mobile and next generation devices or have browser compatibility issues, it is very likely going to affect your website search engine rankings. It is important for your website to be responsive and compatible with browsers. You should do it sooner than later if you are serious to run your business especially if this is a web based business and you want to get found in order to reach more customers.


Hopefully you have got a better understanding of some of the on-site issues and these are easy enough fixes. If you get stuck and you need a hand doing these changes or a lot more other issues which may be sitting in there causing your website not to rank online, then get in touch with a recommended seo company.

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