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DIY Link Building Versus Link Building Outsourcing

Link building is as necessary as having a website that represents your online business. Link Building is also known as Offsite SEO or Off Page SEO. However link building is a massively time taking practice especially if you are building backlinks using natural link building methods .

Natural Link Building

If you are serious about your business, you need to build a link building strategy that follows strict guidelines from search engines including Google, Baidu, Yahoo, Bing and so on. Your link building strategy should include building links from websites, blogs, social media, news websites, government and education websites that are niche specific. You should think about Search Intent from customer point of view. If your website visitor clicks on your link on one of the many websites but it does not lead nowhere, that link is likely to not build a credible backlink but also instead count as a bad link

Do Follow and No Follow Backlinks

There are so many myths that a do follow backlink is going to improve your search engine rankings and boost your website presence and a No follow link is not going to have any impact. A lot of different link building experts come up with their own ideas. However if you are building your backlinks using content marketing strategy, you should not worry about it to much. Imagine, you being a website visitor to a website or a blog, your website visitor is exploring content on a website that has direct relationship to what you represent or sell online. They find a link within that content that attracts them enough to click on it. They land on your website or blog and find it so interesting that they end up buying a product or service you sell. In that sense, whether it was a do follow and/or a no follow does not matter at all what so ever. Your main strategy should be not to build mass backlinks instead focus on slow and steady link building

Link Building Do It Yourself

The only person who can do better link building is you as you know your product or service really well. You should be able to explain in your content the advantages and disadvantages of your products and services. You are more likely to give better insights on the benefits your customers get. This results in a great content copy being written that results in consumer or business finding it interesting enough to share online or pass it on to the online world they know

Hiring A Link Building Company

If you do not have the time to build backlinks to your website that is fair enough as you have a product or service to run and range of other tasks you go through on daily basis. In that case, it is extremely vital to have a proper and a detailed conversation about your product or service, pricing, what makes your product better, the pricing structure, return policy, billing policy and so on with your chosen SEO Link Building Specialist. It is also important to provide  great images, banners or any media that represents your presence including providing access to your social profiles e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instamgram and Linked. In my personal view, i highly recommend signing an NDA agreement between your business and your chosen link building company

Link Building Outsourcing

We discovered above why link building yourself is probably the best choice but because of time it takes and expertise it involves, lets narrow it down with why you can save on link building cost and time by outsourcing it to link building companies out there. I highly recommend finding a trusted seo company to do it for you.

Benefits of Hiring A Link Building Company

Saving Time

Save on huge amount of time that link building takes. Find a professional SEO and link building outsourcing partner in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines or in Africa

Saving On Cost

Link building can be done a lot cheaper than in America, Australia, Canada or Europe. You are likely to find a lot of link building companies worldwide but you should always look out for a link building company that has years experience and is well aware of all the off-site SEO Strategies. Your link building company should have an in house content writer specialising in writing content for seo strategy, social and general blogging

Use Someone Else Expertise

There are thousands of Link building experts in this world. And if you do not have link building expertise, that is fair enough. You can use someone else’s link building expertise in order to gain what you need i.e. “professional link building carried out”

Access to Niche Related Blogs, Social Sites and Websites

Generally a lot of link building firms may have already websites related to your niche including blogs and social sites, so it takes a lot less for them to start your link building campaign, having done this before for businesses in your sector

They already have done the outreach

Getting some quality backlinks from news websites, good content publishers is very important, having your link building outsourced to a specialist link building firm may save you tons of your valued time in outreaching publishers as they may have already done it.

Link Building Strategy That Works

In order to save your time and money on link building, you do not want to waste time on link building strategies which are thing of the past and fresh great ideas and following guidelines is extremely important. So your outsourcing link building partner may already know the strategies that are going to work

Okay, so i am outsourcing my link building, but what benefits it is going to offer to my business?

If you are looking to grow your business online, get your website crawled and index in search engine records, it is important that first of all a great strategy is in place. But as for the benefits, it is going to improve website traffic to your business site. This will result in high conversions. It is very likely to decrease your spend on paid search or paid social media promo campaigns. It is also going to improve your organic search engine rankings. A continues and on-going link building maintenance may offer you huge benefits including cutting your paid search marketing budget all together slowly but surely.

How do I find an outsourcing company for multilingual link building?

A lot of outsourcing firms in Asian and African countries where labour is much cheaper than Australia, Canada, United States of America, UK and Europe do actually build multilingual backlinks. However you should always look out for one that has native content writers, interpreters and translators.

So lets hope you were able to get your link building campaign sorted. You are more than welcome to get in touch should you require one of our link building consultant to speak to you and give you completely free advice. Generally, we have employed one of the most talented Link Building Experts offering complete help with link building campaigns, should you like to discuss the opportunity? Moreover, with our SEO and Link Building Data Centres in Asia and in Africa, we can massively decrease your link building cost. Should you need to speak, simply get in touch. It’s easy as that

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