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DIY SEO Versus SEO Outsourcing

DIY SEO Versus SEO Outsourcing

What is SEO?

If you are new to SEO, you may want to know what actually SEO is. It stands for search engine optimisation. SEO is an art and it is all about improving your website content, design, development, backlinks profile in order to improve your search engine rankings on Google and other search engines. It helps decrease your marketing spend, improve your conversions, generate more revenue and help you reach more people on the web, social media and so on that otherwise were hard to find  you as you were not ranking on search.



If you want to do SEO yourself, it is a great idea, however you should be well versed with website designing and development aspect and write useful content for your audience, write blog posts and publish articles and press releases about your businesses. Similarly you should engage with your audience via social media and let them market your content and business on the web. If you can deal with the web design aspect, development, conversions, tracking, analysing, writing content, then none can do it better than you. However SEO is always changing as major search engines including Google keep on changing their algorithms. So it is important you have got all the right expertise to do it yourself.

SEO Outsourcing

If you do not have time to commit to SEO, then the best thing you can do is outsource your SEO projects to an SEO Company. However if you reside in the UK, Europe, United States Of America, Canada or Australia, chances are, local seo companies are going to charge you a lot of money. Well, it is fair enough because they have overheads and their SEO Experts salaries are a lot higher than SEO Specialists in Asian and African Countries.

Therefore, your best bet is to look for an SEO Outsourcing partner in countries like Pakistan, India, Philippines, Sri Lanka and so on. As you could still employee SEO Experts with years knowledge and SEO Expertise for probably 1/3rd of your cost in the UK, Europe, Australia and America and Canada.

This is likely going to be a better decision as you will save a ton of time and money and you may invest that money and time back into your business. It is however important that the SEO Company you hire as your outsourcing partner only provides white hat SEO and not the black hat seo as black hat seo may get you penalised on the web by the search engines

You should also ensure, that your seo outsourcing company performs all the below tasks:

Website Analysis

Website Page Speed Test

Install an SSL, if there is not one on your website

Carryout a deep analysis of your website structure

Check your website content copy thoroughly and write content around your keywords

Check and fix any onsite SEO Issues

Check and Fix any offsite SEO Issues

Integrate Google webmaster tools, search console and Google Analytics

Install A Captcha On Your Website, if there is not one

Improve your landing pages for conversions and visitors to your website

Add or modify your business opening times on the website

Add action buttons e.g. phone number and/or email address as necessary

Install a blog on your website and keep updating your blog

Write articles, press releases and interviews and publish them on the web

Design, Integrate or Modify Social Media Pages, as necessary


Your chosen SEO Company that you want to outsource to should a full service digital marketing agency that is able to work on your web design, development, content, seo, link building, analytics, search console, webmaster tools, analytics and conversions and be also experienced in social media and internet marketing in general

Of course, organic SEO is your way to go as it will save you tons of money on paid search marketing e.g. Google PPC, Paid Facebook Ads, LinkedIn and Instagram paid promotions and so on.

If they are experienced in all the stuff above and they market your business using fresh and interesting content then of course you are with the Best SEO Company out there. Organic SEO however takes time so if you need to generate revenue, they should be able to run PPC Campaigns for you too. It is always best to hire #1 SEO Company which can do it all for you

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