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Link Building 2021 – How To Get Quality Backlinks For Free?

Link Building 2021 – How To Get Quality Backlinks For Free?

What Is Link Building?

Link Building is an important metric when it comes to your website search engine rankings. If you want to rank above your competitors, you need to have an even better link building strategy.

Link Building

How you know where your competitors are getting backlinks from?

You may always view your competitors’ backlinks profile using Free SEO Tools. You may download the data of your competitors’ backlinks and get the links from all the websites they are getting links from.

What is good link building strategy?

A good link building strategy is always to provide your users with great content, content that builds awareness about your product or service, backs your claims with proofs, charts, what is in there for them, what makes your product better, explain your prices, return policy, complaints resolution procedure, charts, bullet points, headings, images, banners, icons and so forth. If you present great link building content, it is very likely it is going to attract your website visitor to share, link to, find your link on a third party website or blog, reach your website, go ahead and read your website and finally make a purchase. So great content is key to good link building strategy, forget about tricking search engines by building tons of useless backlinks, as it is only going to affect you and is not going to do any good to your business. Plus it is going to be a complete waste of time.

What backlinks are likely to improve my search engine rankings?

Imagine you sell web design service to your clients. You likely need to get your website out there where people are looking for website designers. If you get a link from niche websites e.g. website designers journal, website development tips, logo design tips etcetra, then this link is going to be extremely credible. As this is going to not just give you a backlink but also reach lots of people looking for website designers online.

How Do You Get Completely Free Backlinks?

If you publish good content that is admired and liked by online world, they are likely going to share your content. Imagine a news agency. You may have noticed when BBC or Sky News publish news online, it is hosted several hundreds of thousands of websites.  So imagine having a newsworthy post on your blog, in shape of article or a press release, a webinar, a video, if this is interesting then a lot of other bloggers, article and press release hosting sites, news-sites and other websites are going to host for free. So you may get tons of free backlinks. As these all be coming in the most natural way, each link is going to put your website onto a credible category. This is not just going to help you just once as in future, a lots of webmasters will take your feeds and let your content to be published on their websites

So this seems difficult as I do not know how to write newsworthy content?

Okay, that is fair enough. If you cannot do that, it is far easier than ever before to find a content writing agency which specialises in writing newsworthy content. This does not come cheap but you may compare the market and get few quotes from a few content writers and see whether or not you can afford it

Is there another alternative to this?

Yes certainly there is one. And that is to find a reliable seo company. Search engine optimisation companies provide several services. You should look out for the one that is a full service digital agency and specialises in content writing, content marketing and offer excellent SEO Services. Ask them about their Offsite SEO Services. This is probably going to be the cheapest way to get backlinks. They will do it all for you. However you need to ensure that they are following correct link building guidelines.

Do you know someone good who could do the link building for me?

If you get stuck, you can always ask a question by completing the contact form. Our Link Building Experts are always pleased to answer your phone, talk to you, walk you through the process and even explain the SEO and Link Building Costs. We are probably the only SEO Company that does not charge for Link Building and SEO Consulting!

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