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Difference Between General and Premium Link Building

Premium Link Building Versus General Link Building

How do you know the good and bad link building strategies?

So as you know there are so many link building methods. How do you know what are general backlinks? And what are top rated premium link building strategies?

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Is Link Building An Expensive Services?

This is a question we get asked loads of times. Each time a customer contact us for link building services. Generally, a lot of small businesses and freelance business owners tend to find cheap link building methods. This results in link builders just obtaining any link. These could be social profile links, backlinks from blog comments, from articles and press releases or low quality contextual backlinks. These general link building methods are not going to work. As they are not credible and search engines do not find them interesting enough. And therefore it would not count as a vital score.

Multilingual Link Building

Premium link building is however difficult but equally different. This can be only done by expert link builders with years experience in SEO and link building trade. Usually good link builders are also good content writers – in most cases. You cannot build quality backlinks without using as your marketing medium. Prior to providing you good quality backlinks. Your chosen link builder should carryout a deep analysis on your current backlinks profile as well as on your competitors. This helps them understand what is working and what is not.

Website Review and Analysis Prior To Link Building Campaign Setup:

They will also need to review your website. The content on your website and blog as well as on your social profiles if any. If you do not have social profiles, they will need to create and design them for you for brand awareness as well as to educate your customers. All good link building specialists are going to recommend onsite changes. This is definitely going to help them in their link building campaign.

Website Modifications Before Starting Your Link Building Project:

A website which has been poorly designed and developed is going to make it extremely difficult to rank and pass a score which is important in this age. So it is nearly useless to build high quality premium backlinks if your website is not prepared to take all the backlinks juice.

Why is full service SEO Company Important for your Link Building Project?

As part of premium link building strategy, your chosen link building company is likely going to make changes to your design, development i.e. code, your Google webmaster tools, search console and website analytics. They are also going to change several other things including good html and css as well as install SSL certificate. Making your website more secure in order to avoid spam by installing captcha. They will probably also need to rewrite website URLs. Create an sitemap.html (html sitemap) and xml sitemap e.g. sitemap.xml

Onsite SEO and Link Building

Your link builder is likely to look at your website internal linking structure and work on h1 to h6 headings, banners, images including alt tags and anchor texts. As well as improve your website page speed. Create landing pages as necessary in order to make your products or services do well online.

Link Building Is Changing By The Minute:

There are countless things they have to change if needed in order to make your premium link building campaign work for you and your business. It is best suggested that all the important changes are carried out prior to starting your link building campaign as every professional link building company is very likely to suggest that.

Professionals:  All professional link building firms are going to build one or a few quality backlinks a month than building tons of them. It is massively a time consuming job to build just #1 high quality backlink. If you want premium link building carried-out. There is a price tag for that too.

Spammers: They are considerably cheap but so is their link building strategy. They will spam all over the internet to build low quality, unattractive, completely useless and utter rubbish backlinks. They will promise you hundreds of backlinks for a few hundred dollars. These are the bad link building practises you got to avoid as these are going to play zero role in your successful link building campaign.

What Are Some Well Reputed Link Building Companies Out There?

If you are hard to find a decent link building company especially when years experience or their prices are way far too high. Speak to one of our link building specialist. We provide Free SEO and Link Building Consulting. We will be able to provide you with a free analysis and discuss with what you can do to improve your backlinks profile and improve your search engine rankings.

Link Building and SEO Consulting. Is It Free?

You can phone, email or simply ask a question via our website form. Link building consultancy is completely free. And Our Multilingual Content Writers and Link Builders are likely to give you all the useful information you may require in order to boost your rankings and that too, completely free!

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