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Interview with Luqman Khan, CEO of Digital Marketing Agency

Interview with Luqman Khan CEO of Web Design and Digital Marketing Agency

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When Luqman Khan met his first employer only at the age of 16 in Lahore, Pakistan, a conversation about internet sparked the idea for Web Design and SEO Services, as his employer asked if he was any good with web design and internet marketing. And given him a task to complete which was to redesign his entire website as well as market to the western world. He was able to promote Angora Textiles to worldwide locations resulting in a massive success story in Pakistan.

Luqman Khan has turned Web SEO Ltd in a worldwide business venture; They are headquartered in Central London in the UK. With their worldwide offices in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines as well as in Dubai, in the USA, Australia and Canada

Luqman Khan

Emma Gilbert

Wednesday, 10 February 2021

How did your web design and seo business start?

I met my first employer at the age of 16 in 2001, it was a job where i had to repair and fix textile machinery. At the time, I was desperately looking for a job in order to fund my studies and living costs. During the interview I was asked if i was any good with internet and web design – even though i was well aware of the internet, i had only basic web design skills. I taken on a challenge to rebuild his website and promote his website using my internet marketing skills.

I called a few web design companies in order to find out the cost involved into technical aspects but a lot of them would not answer phone and emails and the ones which replied there costs were beyond acceptance. Especially that I could pay from my salary. So I decided to dig into it and improve my website designing and SEO skills.

Can you describe what Web SEO Company does?

We offer complete digital marketing services to freelancers and businesses around the world. This includes designing and development of a website, link building, organic search engine optimisation, paid search marketing and multilingual content writing and digital marketing campaigns

Was there a gap in the market when you started the company?

Yes. There was a huge gap in the market especially in Internet Marketing and Web Design Sector, Indeed. Not just in Asia, But Also in UK, Europe, Even Australia, America and Canada.

And how is your web design and seo business going?

Our business is reaching all corners of the earth. We have customers in over 168 countries all around the world. A lot of them keep recommending a lot more business our way.

Did you have a difficulty setting your own business up?

It was not easy. I was only 16 years old. Still in my high school. I was in school all day long and i was working sometime 12 hours in a row fixing my first ever boss textile machines but also redesigning his website and promoting it on the web. I had too little time for family and friends

As for the startup, actually i saved a bit of money from my first salary and purchased my first Pentium II computer back then. My business started the day I had fully working internet and my computer. I built my own website after completing my employers’ website redesign and i used all of those channels to promote my own business. It was not easy as finding likeminded employees at the age of 16 was extremely hard. People did not take you seriously. Or they did not think you were going to be able to make this a success story. During interviews, a lot of jobseekers will ask if they will ever get paid as they were a lot older than I was.

How do you maintain a work/life balance?

For me it is all about challenge. Our business sector is very challenging. Every business out there wants to be successful using today’s business marketing mediums and once we take on their project, we have got to do it.

As for the work/life balance, actually if i am very honest, i did not had no balance. I worked extremely long hours first 10 years until 2011. Sometime i remained working on my computer for weeks without a break. But since my own cousins thought i was going to waste my time, i had no choice but to prove them all wrong and show what internet can do to help your business grow from one man band to worldwide. Honestly speaking, 20 years after, i am still finding it hard to keep a work life balance, but I enjoy all the nice things I do in my spare time.

So what you do when you are not at work?

He smiles and says, he will like to do a lot more, if work commitments permitted. First of all, I will like to spend more time with my mother as she is now nearly 70 and I have not been able to spend a great amount of my time with her for 20 years. Building up a business just with skills and no money is not easy. But I am spending time with her now and we enjoy a lot, we cook together, crack jokes and go out for walk. Moreover, I love travelling, beaches, great food, cycling, long drives, great music and documentaries, technology, sports cars and i am always discovering local eateries in UK, Europe and the United States or all the places I travel to. I am just crazy about good food and good music.

Are you crazy about something in life?

Yes, good food and great people. I remember driving down to Portsmouth from London every weekend for a cup of coffee; they seriously make some of the best coffee in Portsmouth. Similarly I visit my friends all over the world and they do the same when they come here in the UK to see me. Great people are a blessing of God and So is good food, is not it? As for being crazy, I am crazy about all things “challenges and success”.

What are your plans for the future?

We have offices in the UK, USA, Australia and Canada, in Pakistan, India and Philippines and this is only the beginning.

What would your advice be to budding entrepreneurs?

Before you go into any trade, i will highly recommend asking yourself, if this is really something i want to do? Speak to your friends and family and loved ones, read online – there is plenty of good stuff on the internet which could help give you all the right information. Unfortunately we did not had all this information back in 2001. If you take challenge, you got to deliver it. I have not seen anyone in life failing if they work hard. You would not too.

Luqman Khan is a CEO of Web SEO Ltd – A digital marketing agency specialising in all things internet including web design, mobile applications design and development, multilingual content writing, search engine optimisation (SEO), Link building and Paid Search Marketing and Social Media Optimisation.

About Lucas Khan

Lucas Is A Growth and Digital Marketing Strategist. He Has Been Managing An SEO Company Since 2001 with Offices in Asia, UK, Europe and Beyond. They Are Specialists in Organic and Paid Search, Social, Multilingual SEO, Multilingual Content and Link Building.

He's Not All Work, No Fun. When He Is Not At Work. He's Always Travelling. He's Crazy About Good Food, Good Music, History, Culture, Languages, Diversity, Beaches And All Things Fun!

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