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Interview With CEO Of Most Successful SEO Company, Luqman Khan

Interview With Luqman Khan, CEO Of Most Successful SEO Company On The Internet

Dr. Julia Roberts

BBC Worldwide

9th January 2021, London, UK

Entrepreneurial journeys are not easy but there are people like Luqman Khan which take challenges and achieve goals with their utmost hard-work and dedication. There are tons of things we can learn from their mistakes and strategies which are likely going to help young entrepreneurs worldwide. He had no money, no support and built his internet company from no help from anyone.

For those who do not know about Luqman Khan. He is the CEO of the most successful digital marketing agency specialising in helping businesses succeed via all things digital. His business Web SEO Company is a multi award winning Web Design and SEO Company building UI, UX and Search Engine and User Friendly Websites and providing search engine optimisation to businesses and freelancers all around the world

Over to Luqman

Question: What is your favorite saying?

Luqman Khan: Impossible Is Nothing

Question: Hi Luqman, tell us about yourself.

Luqman Khan: I am Luqman Khan originally from Beautiful Lahore, Pakistan. I live in London in the UK and that is where we are headquartered. I started my startup business at the age of 16 when I was still in school. Studying in morning, working over night; i worked with one of Pakistan’s leading textile firm and helped them with their online marketing and website re-design and that is exactly how it all started. I am perfectionist when it comes to digital marketing. I always believed since young age that internet was going to change how we do business. I worked my way up with continues dedication and hardwork. Times were hard but I managed it alright at the end.

Luqman Khan

Question: Tell us about Web SEO Company.

Luqman Khan: Web SEO Company is centered around four key areas – planning, designing, development, and growth. We also hold commendable expertise in eCommerce, SEO, Multilingual Link Building, Content Creation and Content Marketing, UI, UX and SEO Friendly Web Designing and Web Development. We are all about growth driven company helping businesses get found online. We help drive targeted traffic to business websites, decrease their marketing spend, increase their conversion rate, massively improve their return on investment and provide education and awareness to online shoppers.

I started it all by myself in 2001 from Lahore, Pakistan. My first project was for one the largest transportation company and tour operator in the UK. It taken 3 months to get my first project. This was a clear signal our internet marketing strategies was working. We made a bit of money and re-invested into my business. Today, we are 78 individuals around the world providing growth marketing services to freelancers and businesses all around the world.

Question: What is your definition of a startup? What are your startups all about? What problems do your startups solve for the clients?

Luqman Khan: A startup is when you start from scratch, at least it is for me. With no help from family and friends and with no or very little cash.

My startup was all about helping freelancers and businesses get found online. People used to spend millions of pounds on print and electronic media, billboards, leafleting, cold calling, email marketing, sms marketing and range of other things in 2001 but not a lot of freelancers or companies thought of internet marketing as the most cost effective yet very powerful medium. It was our dream to make it work for us and others and it did work alright at the end.

We help businesses with building websites which are user and search friendly, we implement all SEO aspects which are a Must in this age. We provide multilingual newsworthy content that educate customers and help engage your website visitors which at the end complete their purchase. We help business websites to rank on top of search engines including Google. If you are not there, you are likely going to have fewer sales. We analyse customer niche, we write strategies, we study market competition, we deploy and modify as required, helping customers with decrease their paid search engine marketing spend including Google PPC, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter Sponsored Ads. We grow businesses with onpage and offpage SEO. We get your business out there and our content marketing provides all the viral distribution of our media across worldwide channels.

Question: Did you bootstrap or was your startup funded? In how many years did you reach the break-even stage?

Luqman Khan: Actually I had no help from friends or family. As I wanted to do it all by myself; I started my job at the age of 16, I helped my employer with internet marketing and website re-design which helped his business grow his sales and increase his revenue. That is what given me passion to carry on with what i was doing and that it will work for me one day too. My startup was funded by myself. I started my business with £50, the money I saved from my first salary. I was able to secure my first project within first 3 months and so I was good to go. My breakeven was 3 months period. Once I had one project and I successfully delivered it, the customer recommend me to his friends and family which resulted us getting loads of work from UK and Europe.

Question: On one hand, you are working on creating platforms for startups. On the other, you are focused on customised solutions. In the near future, which of the two will be the most popular method of digital brand development? And why?

Luqman Khan: Until 2011, we mainly focused on website designing, SEO and Link Building. We were and still are the outsourcing partners of world’s largest digital marketing firms. However, we are moving towards content management systems and eCommerce solutions. We have gone global and multilingual and that is helping us reach literally just every country on the planet.

The future belongs to providing B2B and B2C businesses with marketplaces on the web and that is what we are focusing on currently as well as creative mobile app designing and development. We are currently working on worldwide doctor booking system, cab management software, bookkeeping software and invoicing project.

Question: You learned to programming through your employers challenge. Why did you choose to learn to code in the early 2000s? What motivated you to follow this path?

Luqman Khan: For all things digital, you cannot do everything manually. It takes too long, that is why coding makes precision and delivery more easier. I am rather blessed to learn it all by myself. A lot of my customers think it is crazy that i have done it all by myself. But if i am honest, I did not had a choice. Since it is all done and it is working out for our employees and our customers, I am very pleased.

Question: What excites you most about your industry? Where do you see it heading in the near future?

Luqman Khan: Our industry is full of challenges. You have the largest firms with huge cash and then there are companies like ours which are competing with large blue chip firms with very little investment. In fact, probably the most pleasing thing to enjoy is when they phone you and ask you to work on their clients project. It definitely as far as I am concerned tells you that you are on the right path. Our industry is seriously challenging.

In the very near future: we are opening offices in Africa and Far East. We have several offices around the globe in order to bring multilingual solutions for each and every client out there. However we are working on agency partnerships where we offer solutions to small to large businesses which want to outsource their services to us, because they believe in us as well our work is exceptional.

Question: Name five people who have inspired you the most?

Luqman Khan: 

  1. Larry Page
  2. Bill Gates (Founder of Microsoft)
  3. Steve Jobs (Founder of Apple)
  4. Balasuresh (Founder of BM Coach Hire, London, UK)
  5. Peter Jones (Founder of Peter Jones)

Question: What is one advice you still remember and that has practically changed your life?

Luqman Khan: My grandfather a military personnel always advised me to work hard. He is the one who kept reminding me with Impossible was nothing.

Question: What’s your daily routine? How do you achieve work-life balance?

Luqman Khan: Until 2011, my routine was extremely hectic. I used to work 20 hours a day, every day, 7 days a week, year round. A lot of our customers were based in all around the world. If they sent an email, I genuinely replied their emails within 3 minutes. They were surprised, they often said I was insane putting too many hours. But I guess you have to.

Since 2011, a lot of things changed in my life and hence I have calmed down a bit. Hard work and dedication is still there, but now I have colleagues all around the world which really makes life easier.

As for the work-life balance, that is one thing i am very bad at. I think i still put a lot of time into work. Our customers expect top notch solutions and a lot of times i want to be sure, every customer is dealt with properly from start to finish. I think, i will like to go on holidays somewhere nice and somewhere warm, he smiles.

Question: Everyone fails. Can you recount the failures that taught you the most valuable lessons? How did  you cope with them? 

Luqman Khan: True, failures are a part of the entrepreneurial journey. I miserably failed to.

a). I had no money left at one point and there was no work coming through

b). I invested all money into my business and kept no money in backup

c). I helped all customers more than they paid

d). I will always do extra things for customers which resulted in a lot of extra time being invested

e). I have not been so great with pursuing customers which had to pay money.

But I think, some things just take time. It worked alright at the end.

Question: What books do you recommend for online entrepreneurs?

Luqman Khan: I would recommend that people do their own research and find good stuff to read according to what they want to achieve in their life. There is a lot you can learn from others, but there is a lot you can learn yourself.

Question: Almost 90% of startups fail in their first year. What kept you going during your initial years?

Luqman Khan: I think I had no choice but to succeed as I quit my first job and spent all the money on computer and internet in 2001 and invested a lot of time buying domain and web hosting and then months to design and develop my own website. I do not know where i be if i did not succeed. I think it was a goal, there was no way out!

What Are Your Final Goals For 2021?

I have been extremely busy opening an office in SEO Pakistan, SEO India and in SEO Sri Lanka and currently we have just opened another office in the Philippines. We are hoping to have 6 more offices around the world. It really is not just about the money. We love what we do and we are passionate about digital marketing. This is changing lives, for example I employee one of the most talented SEO Experts in the world. Our link building experts are always praised by customers and our outsourcing partners all around the world. We want to make web a great place to hangout. Hence we are providing customer with digitally pleasing website designing and development services.

About Lucas Khan

Lucas Is A Growth and Digital Marketing Strategist. He Has Been Managing An SEO Company Since 2001 with Offices in Asia, UK, Europe and Beyond. They Are Specialists in Organic and Paid Search, Social, Multilingual SEO, Multilingual Content and Link Building.

He's Not All Work, No Fun. When He Is Not At Work. He's Always Travelling. He's Crazy About Good Food, Good Music, History, Culture, Languages, Diversity, Beaches And All Things Fun!

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